Dec 05

B2B social media marketing

B2B social media marketing should be one of the essential pillars of your digital marketing strategy. With a predicted 3 billion social media users worldwide by 2021, the digital world is more social than ever. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter started with the consumer in mind, but have quickly expanded to the enterprise, creating huge potential for businesses.

We manage social media marketing for technology companies accounts on all the major social platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to increase your reach, boost your brand’s recognition and build a targeted audience with a real interest in what you do.

B2B social media marketing with a real impact

It’s increasingly difficult to find private individuals who aren’t on social media, and the same is becoming true for businesses. Technology companies need to find a voice on social media which is both memorable and unique. B2B social media marketing content is very different to B2C, and your strategy, and the kind of content you post needs to mirror this.


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